All about Oriflame Cosmetics

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My name Olayemi, I am beauty and skin care consultant with Oriflame Cosmetics, Sweden.

Oriflame cosmetics is a Swedish company founded by two brothers 50 years ago and came to Nigeria in 2014. They are currently in 66 countries including Nigeria. It is a direct selling company i.e. network marketing and their product range are skin care, makeup, fragrances, personal and hair care.

Oriflame has been paying people for 50 years without crashing or going bankrupt.

Oriflame is in over 66 countries including Nigeria.

Oriflame has helped people fulfill their dreams of travelling abroad all expenses paid.

Oriflame has been rewarding people with the following incentives:

Monthly payment

Cash awards


Car awards

All expenses paid trip (both locally and abroad) .

(8 people went to Miami Florida USA this January 2017 for the Diamond conference. All expenses paid.  And many more trips.)

These incentives are purely on merit.

They have kept their words and dreams alive.

My plan is to use this platform to help working women, stay at home mums and young people (graduates and undergraduates) to  achieve financial freedom.


Author: adorableyemie

Office Administrator with broad experience in office management, business administration, marketing and accounting. A result oriented and goal getter.

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